Humidity control for printing presses

A silent system that enables the attainment of a stable and consistent level of humidity which is uniformly and evenly distributed, getting rid of static electricity and dust without making the location wet or spreading bacteria.


  • A constant and dispersed humidity supplied thanks to the modular fog lines, that can be deployed in the site with great flexibility.
  • Monitoring of the humidity on a greater number of levels.
  • The removal of static electricity and dust hanging in the air.
  • It does not make the room wet: the highly subtle nebulization of the water, the antidrip apparatus and the correct installation of the machinery prevent the formation of drops of water.
  • No noise: the pump stations and the Nephos nozzles are entirely silent.
  • Minimal electricity consumption, less than 0.1 kWh per 100 cubic metre.
  • Annual consumption for the humidification of a printing press of average size: 1 MWh per 150,000 litres of evaporated water. This amounts to 25 times less than an air-water system and almost 200 times less than a steam installation.
  • Legionnaires’ disease free: the emptying and automatic clearing and cleaning of the system on every ignition guarantee the replacement of the water preventing simultaneously the formation of bacteria, that cannot survive at a pressure of 100 bar.
  • User-friendly thanks to a user interface with an intuitive touch panel that can be postioned anywhere.
  • An optional iPhone app for the remote management and control of humidity levels.
  • Industrial concepts of machinery that are reliable and made to last.
  • Nephos plans, bilds and installs its systems as well as guranteeing after sales assistance when required.