Architecture and Landscape

Naturally made fog creates an enchanting atmosphere in parks and gardens, mesmerizing and inspiring.

It also generates a complex, humid microclimate capable of cooling hot zones and serving as a natural filter that makes the air fresher and healthier. 

In 2005, the passion and sensitivity for foggy landscapes of the founders stimulated Nephos to embark on the adventure of recreating natural fog by nebulizing high-pressure water. Since then, this passion has grown due to extensive experience in the field of industry and drama. Over the years Nephos has developed a complete system of water sprayers ranging from from pumping systems in high pressure nozzles, to pipe fittings, management information systems, etc. ..



  • Passion, sensitivity, experience
  • Nephos offers great flexibility in the design of components and for special tailor made projects
  • The components are designed, tested, manufactured and installed by Nephos
  • Nephos provides assistance from design to implementation and after-sales service
  • We develop equipment for industrial contexts designed to last and manufactured with the best technology