Fog Lines

Our fog lines are built in high grade stainless steel. Attention is paid to every detail during design, customization and assembly by hand.

The spacing and the frequency of nozzles determine the quality and quantity of the fog produced.
From a light fog, ideal to cool down terraces and open spaces, to cascades of fresh fog for parks, gardens and temporary tensile structures.

New and revolutionary family of connectors for high-pressure applications, both permanent and temporary.
Simple and rapid assembly can be performed without any special equipment or experience.
The flexible rotating connector can adapt to any situation and allow for future modifications to your fog system.

The new series of Nephos high pressure thermoplastic hoses was developed to guarantee reliability and a the same time maximum hygiene. The new series of couplings, made entirely by Nephos using grade 316 stainless steel, satisfy the most rigid technical quality standards.

Each component is marked with the logo, type, model and serial number to allow tracebility and recognition.



When applied to the end of circulation ducts, Nephos Fog Jets rapidy reduce dust and temperature in the air.

During underground explosions, for example, a strong concentration of fog allows rapid precipitation of particulate matter and gaseous vapours, thus reducing significantly the wait-time following blasting and improving the work conditions.