Design Applications

The design applications of Nephos range from delicate clouds of refreshing fog on terraces, cooling systems for restaurants and outdoor events, spectacular cascades of fog for scenographic effects in parks, gardens and theatre stages.

We realize art installations and produce scenic effects using the purest of all elements: water. Artfully deployed and floating delicately, misted water gives rise to a magical ambiance. 

Naturally made fog creates also generates a complex, humid microclimate capable of cooling hot zones and serving as a natural filter that makes the air fresher and healthier.

Professional systems with exclusive and refined design add value to restaurants, bars and hotels with terraces and gardens. Nephos commerical installations are designed with a simple interface for error-free operation and low running costs. Increase customer satisfaction, set yourself apart from the competition and save energy and money on air conditioning.

Management systems for climate automation, irrigation and spraying temperature, ideal for domestic, public areas and greenhouses.