Pump Stations

Quiet and compact pumping stations provide greater fexibility and easy installation.

Nephos Pump Stations offer versatility reliability.

Small size, high performance.

On the ground or on the wall installations.

Resistent to transportation and climate.

Many possible configurations.

Nephos Control Units are designed for robust operation in extreme conditions.

Nephos Control Units can be used with separate pumps for multiple fog lines with frequency variation.

Nephos Control Units can be used for combined cycles to control particle dust, temperature, odor and teperature-to-humidity ratios.


Custom Control Units Made to Order.

Simplicity, reliability, performance and design. 14 individual cycles plus one maintenance cycle to purge the fog lines. All Nephos controls are connected to the control center by standard network cables (RJ45).

The Nephos control boxes are available in anodized aluminum in several colors.

Nephos offers a broad range of prodcts designed for easy transportation, installation and operation, ideal for fixed, seasonal or temporary installations.