Nephos Nozzles

The technical characteristics of our nozzle, its resistance and the simplicity of its use guarantee the quality and consistency of the fog, ultra silent. Different types of nozzles allow a broad range of applications from industrial to commercial and residential.
The Road to Perfection!

Thanks to years of research and development as well as the close collaboration of two of the best Swiss micromechanical companies, Nephos has developed a nozzle of the highest level.
Producing perfect fog consistently over time the nozzle is silent, easy to clean, robust and vandal proof. Available for different flows of water and according to your specific needs.

Body in high grade stainless steel 18-9, nozzle head in rectified ceramic, vortex in hard metal, drip-less valve with interchangeable compensator and gaskets.
D&G Décolletage
Gilardi - high precision grinding of hard materials

Thanks to:

Julio Dieguez, brilliant micro-mechanic and astronomer, for his patience, passion and humanity during the difficult process of prototyping and development.

Michele Korell, young systems engineer, for the final drawings and the 3D development.

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