Industrial Applications

Our robust systems reduce dust and vaporous gasses and the risk of dust fires in industrial, mining, tunneling, construction and demolitions sites. Nephos Industry has been used with excellent results in many challenging installations including underground environments.

Nephos has developed a silent high pressure Fog System, that enables the attainment of a stable and consistent level of humidity which is uniformly and evenly distributed, getting rid of static electricity and dust without making the location wet or spreading bacteria.

Some industrial sites such as incinerators or metal foundaries are particulary prone to high temperatures and difficult working conditions. Nephos industrial fogging systems reduce the temperature in challenging environments without massive energy or water consumption.

Controlling temperature and dust is critical in mining and tunneling sites. Underground environments are especially challenging. Nephos industrial installations at the Alptransit site (The world's longest underground rail tunnel) allow an efficient reduction in temperature of  5-7°C on a volume of air of 170 cubic meters/second while dramatically reducing harmful particulate dust.

In industrial settings, a Nephos pre-cooling system increases the efficiency of air-conditioning plants by allowing air to be pre-cooled on the hottest days, reducing the temperature by more than 15°C.