Greenhouses and Vertical Gardens

Management systems for climate automation, irrigation and spraying temperature, ideal for domestic, public areas and greenhouses.

The computerized system is handled with great ease through a dedicated touch panel.
The irrigation system is punctual and an automatic probe detects the ambient temperature and humidity in the soil.
For many orchids it is important that the soil is watered and then left to dry. The minimum and maximum humidity levels you want are then set, for example min. 75 % and max. 95%, when the probe detects that it has reached the minimum value a slow drip-drip irrigation begins until it reaches the desired maximum humidity, depending on weather conditions this takes place one or more times per week.
The watering cycle can be activated manually.
The temperature adjustment occurs based on the same principle.
The frequency of spraying is adjusted in hours, while the duration of spraying in seconds.
The spray cycle is activated manually.
In case of extreme heat a timed cooling mist starts.
After the early development stages of the calibration system it works independently and with great diligence.



  • Great flexibility of installation, use and expandability
  • Fine-tuning and intuitive via touch panel for any type of plant
  • Ultra thin and quiet atomization
  • Equipment for industrial design, long life components, reliable made by Nephos
  • Design, implementation and technical support