15 September 2023

Beating the Heat


The principle of evaporative cooling has been known and used in various forms since antiquity. By exploiting this archaic physical principle, the instantaneous evaporation of water droplets produced by high-pressure misting subtracts caloric energy from the environment, thereby lowering the air temperature. 


Obsessive research aimed at improving water mist technology make it possible to efficiently reduce the temperature and create a controlled microclimate with limited means and low consumption. In particular, the development of a reliable modular fog system and a uniquely designed and self-manufactured ultra-fine nozzle allows for perfect misting over many years of use. With the know-how accumulated during two decades of experience, Nephos masters the design, production, and installation of fog systems. 


Alto Zürrus, Turbinenplatz Zurich 2022-23

At Turbinenplatz  the largest and one of the hottest squares in Zurich  a suspended fog-ring with a nine metre diameter was installed in 2022. In 2023, two additional smaller, lower rings D 3.3 and 1.6 metre and a seven-metre-long playful fog-line at ground level were added in different areas of the square. The installation magically transformed the square into a convivial place.


La Nuvola Piovasca, Piazza del Sole Bellinzona 2019

Over the summer of 2019, a 14X7X4 metresculptural cloud-shaped installation with integrated fog-nozzles was suspended above Piazza del Sole in Bellinzona. The cloud not only cooled and purified the air by acting as a natural filter against fine dust particles, but also offered an area of shade, inviting people to stop and making them rediscover the square as a cherished meeting place. 


These site-specific installations are not only poetic, but also sustainable and functional in combatting heat island phenomena with contained means and low energy consumption. The system is particularly effective when combined with other measures, such as the integration of shading devices, permeable pavement, green spaces, and proper air circulation..


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