Compact Pump Stations

Quiet and compact pumping stations provide greater fexibility and easy installation.

Nephos Pump Stations offer versatility reliability.

Small size, high performance.

On the ground or on the wall installations.

Resistent to transportation and climate.

Many possible configurations.

Technical data:


  • Pumps from 0.5l/min to 6 l/min
  • Asynchronous three phase motors of 4-6-8 poles contrlled by frequence variators mono-three phase and pression transducers
  • Remote control unit with rotating selector up to 14 positions and pause and start, multi-purpose open contact.
  • Electro-valve with automatic spurge and empty
  • Broad range of programmable options
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Full service and assistence





Nephos Swiss Fog

Nephos Swiss Fog

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