Bellinzona 2015

Urban Art Installation


Theatre Festival in urban spaces

14 to 18 July 2015

by: Nicola Colombo and Monica Sciarini

Sound Design: Fabrizio Rosso

Light and dark concept: Bashiba

Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri

Historical Consultant: Simona Martinoli

Logistical support: Libreria Casagrande

Production: Nephos Swiss Fog 2015


(The path is now clear enemies and friends)


The story of the Benedettini Gallery emerges from a mysterious fog that engulfs them. A small private church, built in the 16th century, has been transformed and changed name several times. It has been joined to the Lucerne Jesuits’ residence. They succeeded the Benedictine monks of Einsiedeln, who had a "bizarre" Last Judgement painted, which may still be preserved under the facade. Here the first session of the Grand Council was held as is affirmed by a commemorative plaque placed on high. For a while, the convent was used as an arsenal before housing the high school of the canton. During the nights of a full moon, the place is haunted by "the spirit of a Benedictine monk wearing a long black habit with the vestment bellowing in the wind" and by "an owl that flies down from the parapet of the Great Castle". One day, the apse and the facade of the "gesoeura" were ripped apart by a visionary "formiga rossa" which allowed for the connection of the ancient road, Via Codeborgo, with the new Boulevard, the new Viale Stazione. Amongst the arches of the passage the first merchants and certain voyeurs appeared. VIA NUNC PATET HOSTIBUS ET AMICIS.

Providing an experience that involves all of the senses, the installation aims to evoke a lost spatiality, reawaken the hazy memory of the site, the weeping and suffering ghost of Santa Maria Addolorata dello Spasimo e del Pianto.



Theatre Festival in urban spaces

14 to 18 July 2015

Every day from 18:30 to 24:00 - evert 30 minutes

Saturday - impromptu performances throughout the day

Duration -  7 minutes

Suitable for those who believe in ghosts


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