Fog Installation at Martella Island

First Edition 2014

Environmental installation in the reeds of a natural swamp in the plain overlooking the mouth of the river Ticino. An area in the 30's which was conceived as a hunting reserve and is now a natural refuge for many animals and migrating birds.

The mist moistens the air amongst the long imprisoning reeds, surrounding and protecting the nature while creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Even the lazy red cat found this interesting opalescent, moist and fragrant world. The fog lifts the scents of nature and enhances them. Noise is reduced, the tree frogs croak incessantly, the fireflies fly over this cloak of white velvet world. Small gusts of wind capture the fog and within seconds transform the landscape, fluid architecture in continuous transformation.

Thanks to Giampaolo Torricelli for the hospitality and love put into this enchanted place.


Photo: F.Girardi, N.Colombo, M.Menghetti


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