La Nuvola Piovasca - The Rain Cloud

Bellinzona 2019

Temporary installation suspended in the centre of Piazza del Sole, realised to celebrate the 150th anniversary of AMB, Azienda Multiservizi di Bellinzona.


A modular aluminium structure measuring 12 x 7 x 4 metres wrapped in 500 square metres of tulle netting modelled on site. 150 ultra-thin nozzles, hidden inside, nebulise less than 6 litres of water per minute - the equivalent of a small fountain - letting natural fog breathe through.

The mist forms a scenic cloud of varying size and condenses between the meshes of the fabric to create a light drizzle. A red ladder made in perspective form disappears in the cloud.


During the hot summer days, in addition to cooling and purifying the air, the Cloud offered a large area of shade, inviting people to stop and allowing the square to be rediscovered as a poetic meeting place, thanks also to 20 red chairs to be freely arranged in the space. In the evening, 4 punctual spotlights with neutral light, made the Cloud the new visual reference point of the square.

The installation has contributed to the climate emergency by reducing heat with limited water consumption, affirming its vocation as a functional and sustainable work.


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