Fog Event on Martella Island

Second Edition 2015

This year we even installed a sea of fog on the so-called "Martella Island", a breathtaking natural park in the Magadino plain situated between Bellinzona and Locarno.

An enchanting site on a private estate off the beaten track and far from the hustle and bustle of  streets and urban noise.


Second Edition



The concept: to gather together the greatest talents around this nebulus centrepiece; creating a synergy favourable to the exchange of ideas through networking; meeting and getting to know specially selected contributors to cultural development such as, artesans, artists, architects, photographers, landscape architects, directors, set designers, actors, musicians, event managers, restaurateurs and some local producers of high quality delicatessen foodstuffs.


The event took place in the afternoon, culminating in a magical hour around 7pm, when the shadows grew longer under the sun, finishing late in the evening, cossetted by the warmth and the faint light of the braziers created by Nicola Colombo.




The sculptors Steff LuethiPascal Murer, Lorenzo Cambin exhibited the works outside in a natural setting; the designer Attilio Wismer carried out an elegant, environmentallly-friendly operation; the illustrator Elisa Macellari found tremendous inspiration in the clouds and the enchanted wood.

Alessandro Gualtieri, Nasomatto, the Italian-Dutch perfumer developed scented settings.

The hats designed by Senta Nussberger Muanda were worn by wonderful and charming ladies and photographed by Yannik De Bakongo.

The director Paul Nicol filmed the events as they unfolded and what was going on behind the scenes; the photographer Sabrina Montiglia immortalised both man and beast floating and fluctuating amongst the clouds. The stunning images of the tireless Mirko Menghetti depict the transformation that took place in the foggy landscape over more than a week.

On this grand and immense natural stage, we were spellbound in an olfactory performance given by the splendid and metamorphic Anna D’Errico, dancer and researcher; Amanda Prada read passages about the fog, from Homer to Maupassant, and posted on Twitter various accounts about the fog.

At first light at dawn, Niccolò Castelli recorded a musical video clip for Rocky Wood.

However, the most evocative sound was that provided by nature itself and the wood. With the help of the ornithologists Gianni Marcolli e Rico Gianella, we catalogued the various birds of the area, that were called to gather together alongside other wild animals for a unique and exceptional concert, thanks to the work and the auditory fusions created by Fabrizio Rosso, director and sound designer.

Amongst the furniture designers Xilobis Smart Furniture, Agnese Z’graggen of the Officina del Gusto proposed slow-cooked delicacies! Leila Colombo the cheeses of Agriambrì. Fine wines of the Azienda Mondò, cured meat from the Macelleria Boldini, chocolates made by OperaChocolat and ice-cream from Venturini. Reinvigorating water by VortexPower and sambuca syrup from the Martella island. Max Prandi amazed us with his scenic grill! Floral arrangements by Paola Pagnamenta, kitchen organisation and set up by Miranda & Mara. Someone put up Masseria Ramello overnight.

The location, which is a true natural marvel, was kindly placed at our disposal by the owners Claire and Gian Paolo Torricelli.


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